Rustbucket Rescue

Ben 10 Rustbucket Rescue: Ben 10 fans always love Ben 10 missions and help by playing Ben 10 games with their superhero. The evil Cecile has stolen Grandpa Max’s Van – Rustbucket. Ben never let go of this type of mischievous act so he is chasing him to get Rustbucket back.

    • Average ratings: 5 Stars

How To Play Rustbucket Rescue

                                                                     Left Arrow Key - Move Left

                                                                   Right Arrow Key - Move Right

                                                                                   X Key - Attacks

                                                                                   X Key - Pick & Throw Rocks

Help Ben 10 to destroy Cecile’s alien Megg-o-net to save the city. Chase him in the Nevada Desert to get back grandpa’s van. Play Ben 10 Rustbucket online at our website and download free.

Ben 10 Rustbucket Rescue features three aliens XLR8, Four Arms and Diamond Head who use their superpowers to save the city.

The villain Cecile is trying to escape by stealing Grandpa’s van as well his creation - the monstrous alien Megg on the net – is destroying the city.

Must read the gameplay section if you want to be the winner against evil but smart Concile. We have some amazing tips and tricks for you.

Gameplay: Ben 10 Rustbucket Rescue

Ben 10 Rustbucket Rescue has three stages in which you play with three powerful Ben 10 Aliens.

As this game belongs to the Ben 10 Running games category so it involves running mainly.

In the first stage, Ben covert into XLR8 and chase villain across Death Valley desert. XLR8 has the fastest speed than any other alien. There will be obstacles like tires, pipes, rocks and rubbish in your way. If you got hit by any obstacle, your speed will get slow down and you cannot catch Rustbucket.

In the second stage, Diamond Head which will shoot and destroy alien attackers in your way.

In third stage Four Arms, the most powerful alien fights with Megg-on-net to save the city. The megg-on-net attack on the city with rocks and destroy things. But the second stage is a bit difficult.

Now, jump into the battlefield and get Rustbucket back. It’s time to play with XLR8, Rustbucket and Diamondhead to chase Grandpa Max’ Van and save city to win the game.

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