Giant Humungousaur

Ben 10 Big Giant Humungousaur: Ben 10 Alien Force player have to find out the Grandpa Max, who is kidnapped by the enemies. You have to stop the diabolical High breed aliens that contain 20+ kinds of enemies. You have to control Ben 10 and his aliens Humungousaur, Swampfire, Big Chill, Jet Ray, and Spider monkey.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Giant Humungousaur

Keys                      Moves

Right arrow         Move Forward

Left arrow           Move Backward

X key                     Punch

Left-click               Kick

You can change the Ben 10 to any alien form according to the situation and play. These characters are allowed to play with unlimited combo system with new puzzles and challenges. You can also own the Ben 10’ cousin Gwen during the game and get an advantage with her shielding power and other useful characteristics. Buttons: UP: Smash RIGHT: Punch Left: Block Down: Punch downside Space: Super Smash

In Ben 10 Humangousuar Giant Force game, Humangousuar is in action to kill the giant army of DNAliens in this game.

DNAliens have some destructive plans. Use the superpowers of Humangousuar wisely to turn the table and kill all of these tiny aliens to stop their evil plans.

About Ben 10 Humangousuar Giant Force Game

The game belongs to the famous Ben 10 Alien Force series. In this game, you meet the most powerful alien, the giant Humangousuar. DNAliens will come in groups at vehicles or individually to eradicate you.  Smash your way through the aliens by punching and kicking them.

Game Play: Ben 10 Humangousuar Giant Force Game

The game has six levels. As you proceed through your track, you have to face the attacks of the alien army. Use your powerful punches to kill the aliens and kick them out from your way along with their vehicles. Use trashed vehicles to break the walls. Otherwise, use your giant force to punch and kick the walls and break them to make your way.

Now it’s your time. Play the game as DNAliens are in wait of some punches & kicks from you.

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