Ben Ten the Alien Device

Ben 10, his cousin Gwen, and Granpa are going on to adventure. By using a mouse, find out clues, and move to the next level. We have created a Ben Ten the Alien Device and more free online games.info website for kids and adults, go to the homepage, and hit new video games online.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben Ten the Alien Device

Use Mouse                                                         for Movement

Pick Objects                                                       Left Click

Take alien form                                                 Match Correct Sequence with arrow keys

Jump (mini-game)                                           Up Arrow

Attack (mini-game)                                         Z key

The game has a story basis and multiple puzzles and some mini-games. Ben is trying his best to save Gwen and Max Grandpa from Kevin and Vilgax. So help Ben 10 in multiple missions at different locations as well as enjoy the powers of different aliens while playing.

About Ben 10 Alien Device

The game starts when the Max grandpa receive a message about the escape of Kevin from Null Void while he was doing some work. He told Ben 10 to call Gwen from the park and then these three went to plumber base to get the null void projector. On the other side, the evil Vilgax is also becoming more troublesome as he got access to an Alien Device which can destroy electrical machines. The device is much power to destroy Omnitrix.

At last,  Ben succeeded in saving grandpa and Gwen by defeating Vilgax and Kevin with the help of a null void projector

Game Play: Ben 10 Alien Device

Ben 10 Alien Device is simple in playing as you have to use only mouse and no keyboard keys. Your task is to guide Ben to reach different locations. Go with Ben at different locations and help him to collect objects that help him to solve different puzzles. After finding a way to plumber base you will get access to Null Void Projector.  

The game consists of five Locations City, Mount Rushmore, Dessert, Airfield, and Military base. Ben travels to all these locations to find Vilgax. If you want to turn into an alien, then play any Omnitrix mini-game and enjoy the powers of aliens.

Some accessories appear at the start of the game that will help you to finish your missions. You can use X-ray goggles, Backpack to view discovered areas, Help section to get some hints, and try to discover secret areas of each chapter for some additional benefits and collect gems to earn extra benefits.

So now it’s the test of your mental abilities that how you use skills.

Grandpa said him to go to the plumber, as the game player you have to help Ben to reach his destination. The way is full of people, lake and some many things like normal life.

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