Ben of 10 Grey Matter Leap

Wow, friends! A new Ben 10 game Grey Matter Leap is here. It is an interesting addition to the Ben 10 Omniverse Series. Do you have no shooting and fighting skills? No need to be upset, because Ben 10 Grey Matter Leap gives a chance to show some other skills. Exhibit your excellent jumping skills with Grey Matter!

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben of 10 Grey Matter Leap

Jump Mouse: Right Click

The game featured an Omniverse alien Grey Matter. Grey Matter looks like a frog and has good technical and calculative skills. His great powers can solve problems in tough situations.

Ben 10 Grey Matter Leap is simple to play as you have no fear of enemy attacks. So, there is no need to be careful about your enemies. The game is played in the water. There are floating platforms, flowing from one direction to another and you have to jump from one platform to other.

You must be careful as you are in the water now not on land. Once you jump, make sure your landing on another platform. If you would miss the landing, you will die by drowning. The missing of the platform will waste all your efforts and the game will start from the beginning.

The tip of this game is never skipping any platform coming to your way with the next one. Jump and reach the next.

Have fun with Grey Matter in water and use your all power to get high scores.

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