Ben 10 Wildvine Shoot

If you never got a chance to shoot your enemies in the Ben 10 Game series, then the wonderful Ben 10 Wildvine Shoot game has a chance to make your wish true. The game has no fatigue of moving, fighting, and running. Just stay still, and aim intelligently to shoot the enemies. You can play it online and free download this game from our site

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How To Play Ben 10 Wildvine Shoot

Use mouse click to shoot the enemy robots.

Wildvine has seen that no of robots are falling from the sky and he knows that robots never have good intentions toward humans. He is brave enough to stand in front of these evil robots to save the humans.

Destroy all the falling robots before any of their attempt to come near to your position to kill you. Wildvine is an alien hero who is one of the strongest aliens from the Ben 10 game series. As Wildvine, you are responsible to shoot all the robots. Before start playing, let’s read gameplay to have some knowledge about the game.

Ben 10 Wildvine Shoot GamePlay

In Ben 10 Winevild shooting game, your shooter, Wildvine appears as standing in the middle of the road. As a shooter, your job is to aim and shoot the robots landing from the sky. The situation is critical as you have limited time, so try to use your skills at their best level. Shoot as many robots as you can this in this short time period. By chance, if you miss your target then robots will hit you. The result will be the loss of your health.

Be alert and first kill the robot which is nearest to your position.

Are you ready to expose your potential in aiming and shooting of enemy robots! We are waiting for your performance!

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