Ben 10 vs Goku Death Battle

Ben 10 vs Goku is the best fighting game which is known as death battle. Play and see who will win.!! (Controls: Arrow keys, N,M)

    • Average ratings: 5 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 vs Goku Death Battle

Player 1:
Movement Buttons: Arrow Keys
Fighting: N, M

Player 2:
Movement: WASD
Fighting: Y, T

Ben 10 vs Goku who will win this game? This game which you can play here on games-kids.com is to see who will win this duel of two powerhouses in the world of anime and manga and of course the world of games. In this game, you have to see who's gonna win.

On one side we have Ben 10 with his alien forms and his special move which is the Omnitrix, this may sound easy to win but Goku has some great power moves he can do as well. On Ben 10's side, we have Fourarms who can lift a car with one hand, Diamondhead which can turn into diamonds that not even lasers from Goku will be able to break, Swampfire is a living plant that can turn into his own swamp which can drown Goku in it and Wildmutt with his sense of smell being so strong he can find out any opponent from miles away. You have to choose your side, who will win?

Maybe you think it's going to be a tie? If not who will win! Email us your opinion and we'll post it on this blog.

Play yourself and win or loss its up to you..

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