Ben 10 Upgrade Space Battle

Ben 10 always comes with something awesome for his lovers, but this time it goes to the next level because the mission is a Space Battle. The new Ben 10 game Ben 10 Upgrade Space Battle is here for you! Vilgax is in search of the creator of Omnitrix. If he fined the maker, Ben will be in danger of losing all of his superpowers. Help him to save his powers!

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Upgrade Space Battle

Keys                      Moves

Up arrow             Fly Upward

Down arrow       Fly Downward

Right arrow         Fly Forward

Left arrow           Fly Backward

Z key                     Attack

X key                     Abandon ship

Move & Touch  Posses ship

The game Ben 10 Upgrade: Space Battle belongs to the Ben 10 Omniverse series of the cartoon show. Vilgax started his search for the creator of Omnitrix, But thanks to Tetrax who have warned Ben about what is going to happen.

Before he finds and destroys it Ben has transformed into Upgrade and decide to fight with the robots and ships of Vilgax’s army.

Game Play: Ben 10 Upgrade Space Battle

In Ben 10 Upgrade the Space Battle is going to outer space on his new mission. A no of airships will appear and attack to destroy your ship.

You have a chance to control ben on an amazing ship that has some mysterious abilities and you can use powers of enemies. Capture the enemy spaceships and use it to destroy other aliens to complete your level. Keep in mind that you can possess an airship or flying robot for a limited time.

Try to catch the most powerful ship to make your attacks powerful! At the end of levels, just destroy the boss airship and complete level. In the very last level, Vilgax’s airship will appear on the scene and you have to destroy it to win the game battle.

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