Ben 10 Ultimate Defense

Hey, Ben 10 lovers! Where are you guys? We have something surprising. Yeah! A new Ben 10 Ultimate Alien game is here. It is all about your defense that’s why its name is Ben 10 Ultimate Defense.

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How To Play Ben 10 Ultimate Defense

Onscreen instructions are given for below given moves. Just try to follow them.

The purpose of this game is to save Rust Bucket and Camper from the attacks of enemies. Play Ben 10 Ultimate Defense as Ben 10, and protect Camper from the attacks of villains. You can play it online at our site or download for free. Read the about and gameplay sections to know more about this exciting game.

Your win in Ben 10 Ultimate Defense depends upon your decisions which you take about the placement of your Aliens in the battlefield. If you place Aliens in the right positions, then you can be a winner.

Don’t worry about the loss of money, because the reward is Omnitrix about which Azmuth has mentioned. Once you have Omnitrix, you can get everything. Read the gameplay section to know well about the tricks of the game.

Gameplay: Ben 10 Ultimate Defense

So, are you ready to place your first Alien on the battlefield?

In Ben 10 Ultimate Defense, just place your alien than just wait and watch. The planted aliens will do everything automatically.

The names list of enemy aliens with which you are going to fight is given below:

  1. The Observer
  2. Ssserpiente
  3. Havok Beast
  4. Aggregor robots
  5. Seven Seven
  6. NET
  7. Miners Taedenite

These villains do not have good intentions for Base so you have to defeat them to save the Base. They all came from the right side and you can stop them by planting your Ultimate Alien in front of them. Just click on the Ultimate Swampfire Turret and place your fighter alien. Your fighter will get two guns to fight and try to stop them before they cross the boundary of placed aliens.

In the ultimate level, you have to defeat different enemy aliens which is necessary to save the Base and Aliens.

That’s all we can do for you! Now, we want to see some action from your side. Just feel the adventure and do some good deeds by killing these evil aliens. Good Luck!!

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