Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Warrior

We always try to come with something exciting for your enjoyment and this time we bring up with an amazing Ben 10 alien game. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Warrior is a good addition in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Games.

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How To Play Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Warrior

                                                             Left Arrow - Move Left

                                                             Right Arrow - Move Right

                                                              Up Arrow - Jump

                                                              Up Arrow Twice - High Jump

                                                               X Key - Attack

                                                               Z Key - Special Attack

                                                               Spacebar - Power Fill

Be ready and fully equipped! The city is full with enemy aliens, you might find no time because enemies will attack you constantly without break of a second. Kill them bravely and don’t lose your hope.

Play Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Warrior online at our website. You can download it for free to enjoy offline.

In Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Warrior, enemy alien attack from all sides and you have to kill them bravely by using your Ultimate Alien’s powers wisely.

Enemy aliens with different power levels attack you constantly so you have to transform yourself into an alien according to the requirements of the situation.

To know more about the tips and tricks about this game, must read the gameplay section.

The gameplay of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Warrior

In Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Warrior game, you can choose one level among the three levels which are Downtown Bellwood, Aggregor’s Sh, p and Time realm. This game features three ultimate aliens Humungousaur, Swampfire and Big Chill. Each alien use different attack in n fight then the other one.

That’s why, be careful about the selection of alien and select who is best suited for a particular condition.

In the upper left corner of the screen, three bars are displayed, the top bar shows the health of your Alien. If you are not defending the attacks of aliens, this bar will go down. But if you smash them with good skills this bar starts filling up.

Second bar is called a power bar. Once you will be able to fill up your power bar. It will give you the present of some new powers. The third bar is called the attack bar and it helps you in Ultimate Attack to make some big damages to an enemy.

If you are surrounded by aliens and you want to clear them completely then use the power attack but your power will go down.    

So fully charge your power meter to use the Ultimate Attack at the time of need.

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