Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon

Are you like adventures? If yes! Then no doubt, you are a fan of Mr. Adventure. Ben 10 is ready for his new adventure. Yeah! You can team up with him in this fantastic Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon game.

    • Average ratings: 5 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon

Keys                                               Moves

Left Arrow                                           Move Left

Right Arrow                                        Move Right

C key                                                     Jump

X key                                                     Punch

Double press Left/Right key         Smash

Z+X key                                                Super Attack Mode

Help your Hero to fight against the evil superpower Payphone. Psyphon has returned with his followers with some evil plans but Ben is all aware of them. He is ready to do a battle with these evils to smash them and their negative intentions. Rook is standing at the side of Ben 10 to ruin their plans.

About Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon

The game Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon have something special in it.  As it is in the list the most played games. As well as it is also one of the few games that are offering a multiplayer mode.

When Ben and Rook are busy somewhere, the evil Psyphon attacks on Undertown with his army. Help Rook to save the city and don’t let these devils succeed.

Game Play: Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon

Play Ben 10 The Return of Psyphon in multiplayer mode and have more fun! Begin playing in training mode where Max Grandpa is in wait for you and Rook. Learn all tricks from Max grandpa about moves and attacks.

After training it’s the time of the real fight.  The fight is going to begin between two teams. Ben as ShockSquatch and Rook is one side and Psyphon with his deadly aliens is on the other side.

Destroy the ticking bomb and Kill all the aliens to complete levels and at the end kill the alien’s boss Psyphon to win the battle.

Hurry Up! Go and save the Undertown!

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