Ben 10 The Mystery of Mayan Sword

Ben is here with a new mysterious mission game for the kids. The game is Ben 10 The Mystery of Mayan Sword. Mayan Sword is the most powerful weapon ever made, and it belonged to the Mayan God of War. Now, the evil Forever Knights want to get hold of this sword. Kids! It’s time to help your hero to save the Mayan Sword so that it can be used for peaceful purposes.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 The Mystery of Mayan Sword

Use Mouse >  Move

Left Click > Pick Objects

Match correct sequence with Arrow keys > Change into Alien

Space Bar > Jump

Z Key > Attack

The game is based on the story of Mayan God of War. During work at a construction site, a Mayan mask found. Max Grandpa recognize the mask as he is an intelligent man and he senses the upcoming troubles. He shares his thoughts with his Grandson Ben 10 and told him to find a way to save the Sword from the evil hands of Forever Knights. Otherwise, the loss of sword can be a big trouble for humanity.

Ben 10 The Mystery of Mayan Sword GamePlay

It is a mission based game so the whole focus should be on the completion of the mission. You have to find clues, solve puzzles and use your mind efficiently to think about the ways so you can save this powerful gadget from bad hands.

Use the mouse to play the game, and observe the scenes around you. Click on objects to see their use in your mission and to get hints to complete your mission.

You can change into the forms of many aliens who will help you with their superpowers as well as collect the green gems to earn some extra benefits for your mission.

Your win in this game depends upon your observance and thinking skills. So be a good observant and win the game!

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