Ben 10 Taxi Driver

Ben 10 taxi driver is yet one of these games that you can play for free. The game is addicting especially if you are a racing game lover and loves to drive at full speed. Due to this reason, there have been a lot of games made on it. From racing games to fighting, there is a whole array of online games that you can find on the internet.

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How To Play Ben 10 Taxi Driver

The game is easy to play. You have to collect as many points you can. Use the arrow keys to control the taxi.

Use the arrow keys to control the car. Press UP arrow to accelerate. There will be ramps on the road use them to make the jump and earn points as well. In order to slow down use the Down arrow key. When you are in the air you have to make sure that the car lands on the tires otherwise it will crash. So, try to adjust the car by using right and left arrow keys.

The more jumps you make the more score you are going to make. The game is divided into different levels. Each level will be having its own challenges. Just try to keep the car in the right condition.

The game is a lot of fun as you move on. There are different levels in it. Just prove that you are a fine driver.

Ben 10 Taxi Driver Gameplay:

Ben 10 has always been one of the coolest characters. The credit goes to his watch for sure. It has been always fun to watch the cartoons.

You must have played a lot of car games in which you were given Ben 10 car to drive. But, this game is a bit different as you will have to drive a cab. You have to help Ben in driving the taxi so that he can help his customers to reach their destination on time.

The game is all about driving like a maniac. But, keep in mind that you have to avoid crashing otherwise you will lose all your bonus and coins. You can accelerate the car at full speed as well as jump.

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