Ben 10 StinkFly Showtime

Are you ready to accept 30 different mind training challenging levels of Ben 10 StinkFly Showtime? Collect cash and play as much as you want. Ben 10 is ready to show one of his best aliens that is Stinkfly.

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How To Play Ben 10 StinkFly Showtime

His aliens are fast and possess the best capabilities. So, give StinkFly shot and aim for a unique and exceptional flight to earn some cash. StinkFly showtime is a great high-quality Cartoon Network Game available for free on website portal. It is categorized as a shooting game and titled as one of the best game for the entire family.

Ben 10 needs to earn some real cash and the certain amount can be earned by shooting StinkFly from the cannon. Shoot him in a specific direction to catch maximum cash in one flight. The mouse will be used to set an aim and releasing the mouse will trigger the flight. The main aim of the game is to shoot StinkFly so he can grab money as required to advance level. Three chances will be given and as the level increases, it gets harder. Some bonus games or levels will add fun to the game.

Ben 10 StinkFly showtime Gameplay

Playing StinkFly Showtime is easy. The player needs to aim for the maximum cash shown in the air. Desktop users can use a mouse to play and set an aim for the flight while smartphone users need to touch and drag. If you are using a laptop, use a touchpad. Remember higher you will cast the aim, you will be guaranteed to proceed in the game.

The money stacked in the air is almost impossible to reach. A best possible StinkFly flight cannot even collect all of the money so try your best to score high. Direct cannon in the best possible way.

Are you ready for Ben 10 StinkFly Showtime?

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