Ben 10 Steam Camp

Wow! A new Ben 10 game is here with an exciting mission. Good people always try their best to help humanity. Here, in this game, your mission is to save people from the deadly robots of Steam Smythe.  Ben 10 appear as Stinkfly in this game to kill evil robots and save people. Do you want to be a Stinkfly to help humans? Play Ben 10 Steam Camp online and free download.

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How To Play Ben 10 Steam Camp

Right Arrow Key -press-  Fly Forward

Left Arrow Fly Key -press- Backward

Up Arrow Fly -press-  Upward

Down Arrow Fly -  Downward

Spacebar -  Attack

The citizens were enjoying a good time in the city park with their family and friends while the robots army of evil Smythe attacked them. No one can fight with giant robots so Ben had decided to help them. Now, Ben 10 is busy in saving people by taking the form of Stinkfly, a powerful Omnitrix alien who has the powers of flying and attack.

Do you want to help people with your powers and want to earn some good points? Play Ben 10 Steam Camp but before joining this mission, take a look at gameplay!

Check Ben 10 Steam Camp Gameplay

In Ben 10 Steam Camp, Ben 10 appears as a powerful Omnitrix alien Stinkfly. The giant and scary robots are everywhere in the park and hurting people. People are running all around to find some help.

Stinkfly takes a round of full park and lifts up all the people he found as well as attacks on robots. Robots are walking all around in the park while some Megabots are also flying in the air. You need to destroy both of them.

As Stinkfly, you can fly downward to lift victims up and then release them beside of Rustbucket truck. This is a multi-level game and the level you are playing will complete after saving all the people in the park.

It's time to do some good deads! Go and save citizens from evil robots. We are waiting to see some of your moves. Good Luck!!

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