Ben 10 Spore Attack

Kids love Ben 10 due to his thrilling activities and want to be with him in all these exciting actions. If you want to be a companion of Ben 10 then there is a chance for you. The new game Ben 10 Spore Attack is here now to play.

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How To Play Ben 10 Spore Attack

                                                                Mouse Movements - Move Player

                                                                (Right Click) Mouse - Fire

Ben 10 is busy to save earth from the poisonous spores with his cousin. Go and help him to destroy these killing spores. You can play Ben 10 Spore Attack online at our site or download for free.

In Ben 10 Spore Attack, poisonous spores erupt from the earth that can put the whole world into danger. As Ben 10, you have to fly over these erupting spores with Ben’s cousin. Your task is to destroy the killing spores with the rooting powder.

To know more about Ben 10 Spore Attack gameplay, must read the gameplay section and enjoy more!

Ben 10 Spore Attack Walkthrough

In this game, killing spores can attack while you’re flying over them.  But don’t quit and fly back and forth to save yourself.

Spores of different sizes emerge from the earth and long one can attack you easily so beware of them.

Your objective in Ben 10 Spore Attack game is to annihilate the maximum number of killing spores to complete a stage. The game has different stages such as the forest, the valley and some other.

So, this is a right time for a flying adventure. We want to see you a champion of this game. Are you ready to save our earth from poison? If you are ready then go and play this game. Good Luck.

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