Ben 10 Saving Sparksville

Oh my God! Our world is again in harm. The Megawatt robot does not have good intentions for the earth. Who will help our peoples? Play Ben 10 Sparksville game online and download it for free.

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How To Play Ben 10 Saving Sparksville

                                                                Move Mouse  -  Aim

                                                                 Left Click      -  Attack

                                                                 Move Mouse - Dodge Vehicles

Don’t worry kids! Our superhero is there and in this mission, he is going to destroy the giant megawatt robot. So let’s try to help him in this difficult time by playing Ben 10 Saving Sparksville game.

In this game, a big Megawatt Robot is moving toward the largest hydroelectric dam to power him up. Ben 10 is fighting with this giant robot to save the dam.

The mission in Ben 10 Saving Sparksville is to kill the Megawatt Robot and for this purpose, Ben transform himself into Heatblast. As Heatblast, Ben flyes on a board and threw fireballs at Megawatt to kill him before he reaches to the dam. If you must want to kill Megawatt then read the gameplay section to do well.

Ben 10 Saving Sparksville Gameplay

In Ben 10 Saving Sparksville, the player’s objective is to kill the giant evil robot so, he could not reach the hydroelectric dam. He is so powerful because he has already occupied the town planetarium, and brought it to life.

You can attack him by throwing fireballs at his week points. To find out the weakest parts of Megawatt’s body, you have to fly close to him. When you come close, you will see a red circle on the target point.  But be careful! The megawatt is aware of you, and he will throw cars towards you so, try to save yourself from his attacks.

The weakness of Megawatt is his weak arms and this is the body part where you can attack to kill him.

So are you ready to hit the weak arms of evil Megawatt now? Yeah! You can save the town and we believe in your skills. It's the right time to show your skills.

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