Ben 10 Power Surge

Are you enjoying our collection of Ben 10 games? It’s good. We have a surprise for our beloved Ben 10 fans. Yeah! Another Ben 10 Power Surge is here for you. Play Ben 10 Power Surge online on our page and download it to enjoy offline.

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How To Play Ben 10 Power Surge

Up Arrow - Move Up

Down Arrow - Move Down

Right Arrow - Move Forward

Alien drones are flying all around the planet and an evil kid has taken Rustbucket. Help Ben to get Rustbucket back and defeat aliens to ensure the peace of planet.

The game Ben 10 Power Surge is a typical arcade game.  The game starts with the entry of an evil kid who does not have good intention as he has got access to Grandpa Max’s Rustbucket and drove away. While Ben 10 know about this incident he chases the evil kid to get Rustbucket back.

Purple Upgrade help Ben 10 in his chase by transforming itself into a drone so that Ben 10 can capture the Rustbucket. While flying alien drones attack on ben 10 and ben destroy them by taking forms of Heatblast and Big Chill.

Take a look at the gameplay section to better understand the game.

Ben 10 Power Surge Gameplay

Similar to other Ben 10 games, it is also a level based game has multiple levels. Each level is difficult than the previous level. You have to face drones that try to kill you. So you have to fly carefully to avoid getting hit by the drone’s firing. One more thing, don’t fly too close to the ground.

The interesting point in Power Surge, the player need not be worried about the attack because Purple Upgrade automatically attacks drones but you should concern about the direction of attack.  The superpowers of Omniverse aliens in Ben 10 Power Surge are listed below:

Purple Upgrade: Super Bullets

HeatBlast: Burning Heatballs

Big Chill: Ultimate Plasmaballs

With this superpower, you also need to collect bonus object such as Super Attack Power (yellow) and Omnitrix Power (green) to fight longer. These powers will appear after the destruction of any drone.

When every level reaches to end, the Rustbucket appears and you have to fight and defeat the evil kid. If you succeed in defeating the kid, you will reach the next level.

It's time to get the Grandpa’s Rustbucket back! Good Luck..  

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