Ben 10 Power Splash

Oh! The rest time is over. Ben 10 Power Splash is getting ready for his new mission. Gwen is kidnapped and Ben is so much angry at the kidnappers. But the enemies are escaped through the ocean and Ben 10 is chasing them. So be helpful for this superhero in the mission and team up with Stinkfly and Ripjaws.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Power Splash

Keys                      Moves

Up arrow             Move Upward

Down arrow       Move Downward

Right arrow         Move Forward

Left arrow           Fly Backward

Spacebar             Attack

About Ben 10 Power Splash Game

The game Ben 10 Power Splash called the two powerful aliens Ripjaws and Stinkfly from the Ben 10 Alien Force. Ripjaws is a mutant-fish aquatic alien and Stinkfly is a mutant-wasp alien. Ben is chasing kidnappers by transforming into these two aliens. Rescuing Gwen is the mission here.

Game Play: Ben 10 Power Splash

The game Ben 10 Power Splash does not have any levels or stages. The game starts when three people come in a boat and Kidnap Gwen from the port. Thanks to our hero, who transform himself into Ripjaws and follow the kidnapper’s boat.

But under the water, there is no ease for Ben as he is facing the deadly squid regiment. These squids are attacking him but he is killing them with his powerful Ripjaws attack. When the boat comes closer Ben transform into Stinkfly and attack on the three kidnappers with the Stinkfly’s poisonous slime.

Be careful about your health bar! If once it goes down you will die.

So it’s time for the mission and Best of luck from us.

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