Ben 10 Penalty Power

If you are a good player of football or interested in the football then this game is for you. In Ben 10 Penalty Power, you are at the football ground with your team. You are handling the role of Ben 10 and meet with the aliens. As a ben 10, you have to use your abilities and powers to win the match.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Penalty Power

Controls: Use your mouse to control the movements of Ben 10 or click to make the goal.

Ben 10 is a good player in every field. Now, he has to show its ability in the football ground. Ben 10 remained good in the football pitch and always ready to beat the enemies. With the team collaboration, you have to defend from the opponent team along with scoring the points. Make a maximum number of goals especially at the time when the opposing goalkeeper is not focusing on you. You need to push the ball on the right path to make a beautiful goal. If your ball has successfully moved towards the net then you make a goal and get one score.

As the game moves towards the high levels, the gameplay became tougher. In the advanced levels, the number of an attack become higher, but you have to score a maximum number of goal without missing any. You need to focus the path of the ball, the moves of the enemies, and the place of the goalkeeper. Ben 10 Penalty power is great Ben 10 football game. 

Vilgax has challenged the ben 10 for the tournament along with punishments. So, fight against him with the aliens. You have to fight with 5 different heroes that become stronger at every upcoming level. Are you ready to play the tournament? Play and have fun. Muti players can also play this game.

Platform: It is a web-browser based game, you need to install flash player to play this game.

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