Ben 10 Omniverse Collection

Ben 10 Fans! What’s going on? Are you busy right now? If you are, then free up your schedule otherwise you are going to miss the new Ben 10 Omniverse Collection game. Download this action pack game or play it online for free. Play new Ben 10 Games that are working.

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How To Play Ben 10 Omniverse Collection

Left Arrow: Move Left

Up Arrow: Jump

Right Arrow: Move Right

Spacebar:  Attack

Down Arrow:  Down Arrow

Ben 10 games are featured at a famous cartoon show with the same name produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Ben 10 Omniverse games were developed for die-hearted fans of Ben 10 to extend the adventure level of series. The Ben 10 Omniverse series was aired on 2012 to 2014.

Ben 10 Omniverse Collection has something special as it is providing a chance for the Omniverse lovers to enjoy the superpowers of all Omniverse Aliens. When Ben 10 was busy in his mission to find the underground city of aliens, he hears the bad news about the return of past enemies in the ring again. The enemies want a rematch and Ben is ready to beat them!

GamePlay Ben 10 Omniverse Collection

The game has multiple levels.  Each level is played upon a different underground landscape and has two difficulty modes which are easy and hard and you can select between these two modes at every level.

When a new level begins, a choice menu for the selection of your alien form appears. Your task in the game is the collection of orbs and killing of enemies.

As the game is featuring so many aliens so it’s the right time to enjoy their superpowers. You can use the SpiderMonkey’s powers to climb up the walls and Bloxx’s powers of punching from a long distance to smash your enemies.

A list of levels that you can play in this power-packed game is mentioned below.

Levels: Ben 10 Omniverse Collection Game

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