Ben 10 Omniverse Code Red

Wow! Rook is again here with Ben 10 in this strategic Ben 10 Omniverse Code Red game. Help Ben and Rook to catch the prisoner aliens before their evacuation plan got to succeed. we are sure about your smartness and good gaming skills. So let's play this game and increase the experience level.

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How To Play Ben 10 Omniverse Code Red

Oh! Something bad has happened as the Omnitrix’s half part is gone and Ben cannot succeed in transforming into aliens. The only way to keep stop prisoners from getting out of the plumber base is the correct placement of plumbers so that they can stop the enemy prisoners to escape from the base. Play smart and don’t let these evil enemies escape. Before playing, let's have a look at the gameplay section.

Ben 10 Omniverse Code Red Gameplay

Ben is in trouble due to the bad condition of Omniverse as prisoners are escaping from the base. Rook is here to help Ben 10 in this terrible situation. Both of them are trying to stop the prisoners from escaping.

As Ben 10, your task in the game will use your decision-making skills to make decisions about the placement of plumbers.  Ben has an army of plumbers and the task is to place the plumbers at different suitable positions all across the path of the exit gate so that they can stop the prisoners. Try to choose good positions to earn the maximum benefit from each of your plumbers.

Try to catch every escaping enemy before they reach to exit gate. Otherwise Ben and Rook are standing at the exit gate to help you in trouble.

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