Ben 10 Krakken Attack

We always want to bring something new and exciting for you! This time we have done our best and come up with a stirring Ben 10 game which is Ben 10 Krakken Attack. Ben 10 is busy on his new mission to keep a hold on the frightful lake monster by using the powers of Heatblast, Stinkfly, Upgrade and Diamondhead. Are you ready to help Ben with this monster?

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How To Play Ben 10 Krakken Attack

Up Arrow                             Change direction

Spacebar                              Attack

It is obvious that Ben 10 Krakken Attack is an awesome game for Ben 10 lovers. The planet is in danger again so there should be someone who has the guts of protecting this beautiful place. As the evil Krakken is again coming up on the scene and has no good intentions for the earth. So everyone knows that Ben 10 is the single person who can send this monster back to its own place. Give a hand to Ben 10 so that Ben can send Krakken Back to his place.

Ben 10 Krakken Attack Gameplay:

Ben 10 Krakken Attack has different levels. At each level, Ben can take the form of a different alien. Ben’s mission is to attack and send the evil Krakken back down the lake by using the wonderful superpowers of these aliens.

Ben can take the form of four aliens who are Heatblast, Stinkfly, Upgrade, and Diamondhead. In the first level of the game, Ben can take the form of Heatblast. Heatblast runs around runs around the lake in which Krakken has appeared.

Your job is tough in this game as you have to do duel tasks at a time. You have to attack lake monster as well as keep yourself safe from his attack. If you got hit by his attack, your health level will decrease. Particularly, escape from the Blue Plasma bursts or try to destroy them before they reach you. The difficulty of the game increase when you reaches a higher level. In the right bottom, the game has two power meters. The green indicator shows the power of Ben 10 and the Orange indicator displays the power of Krakker.

Change the directions of your running often so the Krakker can’t attack you! You will get a limited time to complete a level and decrease the power of Krakken to zero.

Good Luck!

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