Ben 10 Hero Time

Hey, Ben 10 fans! What’s going on? Do you want to enjoy some time with Ben 10 Heroes? Cheer up, because we are here with an amazing Ben 10 game – Ben 10 Hero Time.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Hero Time

Keys            Moves

Left Arrow     Move Left

Right Arrow   Move Right

X Key              Jump

Z Key              Attack

C+ Arrow Key  Change Alien

Spacebar         Superpower

Be ready to have fun with multiple Alien heroes, run and collect all Omnitrix badges to power up and kill all the evil aliens to make this hero time memorable. Play Ben 10 Hero Time Online at our website and download to enjoy offline.

Ben 10 Hero time begins when Ben 10 go on a mission to get back his Grandpa’s Van Rustbucket which was stolen by the evil Billy Billions.

Ben 10 take help from Omnitrix Alien heroes and run behind Billy by destroying hurdles, jumping over the rocks, and smash everything which comes in his way. Do you ever play Ben 10 Savage Pursuit? This game is a bit similar to that game.

The time is limited, that’s why you can call this game “A Race Against Time”. Now we should move further to learn about the Gameplay of Ben 10 Hero Time.

Ben 10 Hero Time Gameplay

The game Ben 10 Hero time has three chapters, and each chapter has multiple levels. In these chapters, aliens are unlocked and Ben can transform himself into any Alien. These Aliens can help Ben 10 on his way to struggle with their exciting Superpowers.

When the game starts, the zero level of the first chapter begins, and Ben 10 transform himself into Cannonbolt. As the time bar shows the time is limited. So, you have to complete your first level in thirty seconds only.

The mission is the collection of specified green Omnitrix Badges. The number of Green Ben 10 Badges which are required to win a level is mentioned on the top left corner of the screen. However, there will be many Blue Badges in your way; and by collecting Blue badges, you can increase your time limit. A single Blue Badge adds five more seconds in your time limit.

Be careful, there might be cliffs, rocks, and pits in your way. If you fall from any of these, you can die and all of your hard work can go vain.  The special powers of featured Super Hero Aliens are mentioned below:

Superpowers of Ben 10 Aliens

Now, go and play Ben 10 Hero Time to get back Grandpa Max’s van.

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