Ben 10 Hero Hoops

Wow! It has something interesting. As Ben 10 Hero Hoops is in a new form! No, not an alien again, this time Ben is busy playing Basketball. It is quite different from all other games. If you love basketball and a true fan of Ben 10 then must play this game.

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How To Play Ben 10 Hero Hoops

So guys! Are you ready to jump on the Basketball court to help your superhero? But before this let’s take a look towards gameplay and help Ben 10 to score points with your tips!

About Ben 10 Hero Hoops Game

The game Ben 10 Hero Hoops have a basketball challenge. Use your amazing playing skills to help Ben and make his jump shot perfect! Shoot the red rubber balls through the moving hoops. But must keep in mind that the time is limited. Shoot as many balls as you can. Let’s see how you help your hero in this short time.

GamePlay: Ben 10 Hero Hoops

The game is simple but be careful. Just try to throw the red rubber balls inside moving baskets. Be patient and aim the basket carefully before throwing the ball. Be very sure about your target!

The baskets are continuously moving from left to right or right to left. Different colors of Hoops or baskets have different points in point table. Don’t miss the bonus hoops, just hit them a make a big score.

Be fast to pick the ball when you through it toward the target. Be a perfect player as it’s the time to show your basketball skills.

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