Ben 10 Fuel Run

Hurry up, guys! Recuperate your fighting skills as Ben 10 is going to in need of your fighting skills soon. In Ben 10 Fuel Run, Ben 10 is fighting for the survival of his friends. Time is already very short to save them so your fighting skills are highly required to save his good friends from alien enemies.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Fuel Run

Left Arrow>  Move Left

Right Arrow> Move Right

Up Arrow> Stop/Break

Spacebar> Jump

In Ben 10 Fuel Run, you have to be very careful because the game is a bit tough. The mission is to save the captain of the spaceship in the condition where the fuel tank is going to be empty soon. Ben appear as a new character Portal and try to collect all the Omnitrix to fly the spaceship away from the black hole.

You are the person who has all amazing skills to help the captain to fuel the spaceship and fly away from the black hole. So help him before the time goes up.

Ben 10 Fuel Run Gameplay

Be careful, you are going to face monsters during gameplay but don’t be scared because you have to save a human life, the captain, and the spaceship as well. Keep your eyes open because there should be no mistake as missing of an Omnitrix. However, more attention is required at rolling speed and when you are in the form of an alien.

If you want to fuel the spaceship out of the black hole, the Omnitrix collection is necessary. On the top of left side of the screen, how many Omnitrix you need to collect is mentioned.

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