Ben 10 Duel of Duplicates

We have seen Ben 10 helping others with his aliens. But this time he has a fight against his aliens. If you want to join Ben 10 in this tough time let’s play Ben 10 Duel of Duplicates!  Take the forms of Feedback, Snare-oh, and Bloxx to save the valuable Plumber Base from these evil Duplicates.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Duel of Duplicates

Left Arrow - Move Left

Right Arrow -   Move Right

Up Arrow - Jump

Spacebar - Attack

C + Arrow Key  - Transform into Alien

In this game, Ben 10 Omniverse aliens are featured. The duplicates of Ben 10 Omniverse aliens have attacked plumber base and Ben is busy in saving plumber base.

As the duplicates of aliens are fighting with Ben 10 so we can say that a fight of omniverse aliens against themselves.

Ben 10 Duel of Duplicates Gameplay

The game has four different stages and in ea,ch stage aliens fight in any different area of Plumber Base e.g. Engineering base, Armory Base, and Power Core base. In each stage, you have to find the way of next base.

Collect all the Omnitrix drinks and badges to live longer. In the first stage, an evil duplicate alien Echo Echo attacks you and you can defeat him by taking the form of Feedback and then using his plasma attack. As well as you have to guide Feedback to find the duplicate Snare-oh. When you complete a level, the defeated alien are added to your Omnitrix Aliens.

In the end, you fight against the most powerful Humungousaur. If you win this last level you will save plumber base once again!

Go! Do some action and don’t forget which we have told.

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