Ben 10 Diamondhead Shoot

Ben 10, the superhero of kids, have some special powers as he can transform himself into different aliens to help people, save his planet and for all kind of his missions. Here, he appears as Diamondhead in this game Ben 10 Diamondhead Shoot to shoot the enemy skulls! So, kids! Let’s play the game to have fun with your favorite superhero! Just try to shoot maximum robotic skulls otherwise you would lose the game.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Diamondhead Shoot

Shoot Skulls:  Mouse Click

The name of the game is Ben 10 Diamondhead Shoot because Ben 10 is in the form of Diamondhead, a powerful Omnitrix alien. The only mission of Diamondhead is to shoot the Skulls coming from all sides. The time is limited, and you have to shoot maximum evil skulls to get good points. So try to shoot as many skulls as you can to win the game. This is a level based game and when it goes up to higher levels, the approaching skulls become large in number and speed get fast.

The game is similar to Ben 10 Wildwine Shoot where the player’s objective is to kill the flying robots coming from all directions to hit you. This is a single player game so no one can help you in this mission. Be brave! Don’t be afraid of these scary skulls.

Your aiming skills must be good to win this game, so we hope that you are good at aiming if you are a real Ben 10 fan. Just aim and shoot the approaching skull.

It's time for your turn! Go and help Diamondhead to finish these skulls.

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