Ben 10 Bolt Car

Are you looking for a hot racing game? Try out Ben 10 Bolt car game that lets you blast the enemies while riding the car. Defeat the enemies and get a high score. We understand the consequences that driving a car through a rough and tough terrain is not easy but Ben 10 needs to race against players and finish the race first.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Bolt Car

The car is armed with dangerous spinning blades which will automatically destroy enemies. However, extra stunts can also be performed including jumps. So, are you ready to beat enemies of all 10 levels?

The racing game lets you ride cool Ben 10 car and enables a player to kill enemies to progress in the game. Ben 10 is in a hurry to meet his girlfriend Gwen and he cannot spend much time on the road. So he is driving towards the city and needs help to reach Gwen quickly. Use Nitro to gain crazy speed and collect bonus including gold dollars on the road. Make sure to be on the right lane and stay vigilant to avoid any accident otherwise the car will fell into pit and Ben will not be able to meet Gwen. Player has to get the first position and needs to complete all levels by gaining the target score.

Ben 10 Bolt Car Gameplay:

Remember you will lose the game if there is any crash and all the earnings and bonus points will be lost. Ben 10 Bolt car game consists of 10 deadly levels along with cool car music. The player can also use Nitro to increase speed and get the bonus points.

Drive the unique and exceptionally designed Ben 10 car and kill the enemies before crossing the line. Nitro will help to increase speed so use Arrow keys to move the car and press N to use Nitro.

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