Ben 10 Blockade Blitz

Childs love Ben 10 because he always has something adventurous for them. This time he came with Ben 10 Blockade Blitz. So, if you like breaking blocks or bricks then you are going to love this game. Play it online and download it for free.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Blockade Blitz

Aim and hit the blocks with Omniball. Use the powers of Omnitrix wisely to win the game!

Ben 10 Blockade Blitz is a retro-styled block breaking game, specially made for fans of brick breaking games. If you are familiar with these type of games then this game is a piece of cake for you. The basic theme of the game is similar but there are some changes and twists. The challenge is to break the walls to kill aliens if there are any behind them.

Break all the blocks and kill aliens to clear the level then you will find a new level.

Ben 10 Block Blitz Gameplay

The main objective of the game is breaking the blocks of walls to kill aliens that are hiding behind them. Just stand at one side and hit the blocks by green Omniball. Once the ball drop, you will also lose a life. Must hit the green badges block, if you want to benefit from the superpowers of Omnitrix aliens.

The game has two modes to play; the Story mode and Free Play mode.

Team up with Ben to Kill all the hided aliens. Have fun! We are wishing best for you.

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