Ben 10 Big Battle

Hey, Kids! Are you waiting for some exciting Ben 10 Adventures and fighting missions? Now, the wait is over as we are here with an exciting fighting mission. Are you ready to show us you’re fighting skills? Let’s play Ben 10 Big Battle to make some noise in Forever King’s yard. CHECK BEN 10 GAMES WORKING 100%.

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How To Play Ben 10 Big Battle

Play Ben 10 Big Battle online at our website or, if you want to enjoy it offline then download it for free. Read the about and gameplay section to know more about the secrets of this exciting game.

Ben 10 Big Battle is one of the most played Ben 10 fighting games. The game starts when Grandpa Max, Ben 10, Kevin and Gwen enter into the lawn of Forever King. But the army men were aware of them and attack them suddenly.

Ben transform himself into Omnitrix Aliens to save them and fight with soldiers with the help of their Superpowers. If you are ready to beat the evil King’s army then must read the gameplay section.

Ben 10 Big Battle Gameplay

Ben 10 Big Battle features three Omnitrix Aliens; Blitzwolfer, Eye Guy, and Four Arms. The game has multiple stages where Ben 10 fights with the Forever King army in streets, yards and even in elevators.

The purpose of the game is to defeat the evil army in all stages and if you want to be a champion of the game then try to win all the stages. The initial stage of the game starts in a warehouse and you have to kill all soldiers. In the first stage, Ben can transform into only one alien Blitzwolfer while you can unlock the other two aliens in the next stages.

The Aliens with their Superpowers are mentioned below:

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Health Bar and Superpower Bar which are displayed on the upper left corner of the screen. The upper bar with yellow color indicates your health level while the lower bar with green color indicates the superpower level.

The health bar can be refilled by collecting the yellow orbs which are hidden behind blocks, rocks, and boxes. So break them by using your full strength as it is necessary to maintain your health.

The Superpower bar can be refilled by killing enemies.

Now, it’s time for some action. Don’t forget to kill more enemies to fill up the superpower bar, Otherwise your alien might go down.

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