Ben 10 Battle for Power

Ben 10 loves missions and this time he is on his mission to save the Plumber Base in his new Ben 10 Battle for Power game. The plumber base is under attack again by the alien bots. Ben and Rook are doing well to eliminate all the alien bots so that he can restore all the generators as fast as possible.

    • Average ratings: 4 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Battle for Power

Left Arrow > Move Left

Right Arrow > Move Right

X > Attack

Ben 10 Battle for power is featuring two main roles of the show, the main hero Ben 10 and Rook. Ben and Rook were busy in some important discussion in plumber base while they hear the sound of alien bots. Rook is confident that he can handle them all alone but Ben wants to help him. Rook accepts Ben’s offer.

Team up with Ben and rook and have fun with this action-packed game. You can help them by playing it online for free, as well as you can download it. Hurry up! Go and save the Plumber base.

Ben 10 Battle for Power Gameplay

Ben 10 Battle for Power has multiple stages. Each stage is in a different area of plumber base and has various levels. To go to next stage, you have to complete all levels of the first stage.

During the battle, your task is to destroy the bots which are stealing the energy from generators and damaging them. Use the proto tool Gun that Rook has handover you and shoot all the stealing bots one by one.

If any generator got damaged then Rook has the skills of fixing them. Whenever you feel tired, call Ben 10 for help. If you want to make sure the clearance of bots from the base you have to complete all the stages.

It’s time to show you fighting skills so jump in the game. We want to see some of your excellent moves.

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