Ben 10 Alien Force Omnimatch

Here we are with a new amazing and exciting ben 10 video game for ben 10 lovers. Ben 10 Alien Force Omnimatch is a superb, mind-blowing game that does not need power. It only requires a sharp and healthy mind to play and won the game.

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How To Play Ben 10 Alien Force Omnimatch

Are you ready for mind exercise? Play as many matches as you can with the Ben 10 Alien Force Omnimatch.

It follows the block matching games that are very famous nowadays. Don’t you think that it may be a kind of puzzle game? Yeah… Ben 10 Alien Force Omnimatch is a puzzle game in which you have to combine the pieces correctly in the 3 rows. It sounds very easy but it is not. The levels start with easiness and later became difficult and difficult. Before starting the game let’s have a look at the gameplay.


At the start of the game, you see the number of faces of the alien dispersed in the grid form. They may have the faces of Humunguosaur, Swampfire, Jetray, and so on. The grid system has an 8*8 order.

Carefully see the squared pieces that have aliens’ faces and arrange them in sequence. Match all pieces of 3 aliens in the order either in a row or in columns. When you make it, those squares will diminish automatically. You have to complete this task in a given time interval otherwise you lose. So, be fast to succeed.

To control the movement use the mouse or cursor or press the spacebar. You can also use the arrow keys to move the squares in four directions.  

Note: Try to end the level as fast as you can, within the time limit to get the extra points and bonus.

There is also a small bonus for you with this main Ben 10 game. When you make the triplet faces in the main game then they appear in the minigame. You can make the same faces in the mini-game in order to get the extra points and extra bonus.

Are you intelligent? Then show your skills in the Ben 10 Alien Force Omnimatch. Play and have fun.

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