Ben 10 Action Packs

Ben 10 Action Packs is a good addition to the series of Ben 10 Aliens Force Games. It is a one-player game that offers you a choice of being a hero or villain on your own.

    • Average ratings: 5 Stars

How To Play Ben 10 Action Packs

Keys                      Moves

Arrow Keys         Drag your Cards

The game Ben 10 Action Packs have a choice for you. Do what you actually want and decide a team for yourself; the team of heroes or Villains. Now you have to decide the playing way between the two. One is by points and the other is by colors. The choice is yours.

Game Play: Ben 10 Action Packs

Ben Ten Action Packs is a one player game in which computer will be your competitor. Play wisely to win points and color tokens. Each token has a Ben 10 character printed on it. Different points are assigned to each printed character.

Some tokens have some points but no power. So make your best to look for the tokens with extra power and points. You have to play two rounds with your competitor. In the end, you have a chance to swap your token with another one with a different color. Try to collect more tokens having the same color to win the game!

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