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Ben 10 VS Alien Force

Are you ever think what would happen if you have to battle alone versus an army of aliens? Ben 10 is going for a fight against whole alien force in Ben 10 VS Alien Force game. It is a full action pack game we have for you in which ben is alone and single handed takes on the Alien army.

How To Play Ben 10 VS Alien Force

Use the mouse to play the game.

Be Brave! Try to help Ben in this mission as he is alone!

About Ben 10 vs Alien Force Game

The game Ben 10 VS Alien Force is totally a shooting venture. The chance of success depends on skill level how much perfect the player can aim and shoot. Another important news is that there is no Omnitrix available so its all on your own.Ben can’t help himself by turning into powerful and gigantic aliens. So support your friend with the laser gun and shoot these monsters. Destroy the alien force well and prove your skills!

Game Play: Ben 10 Alien against Force Game

Get ready well, it’s time to start your battle! The game Ben 10 VS Alien Force has many levels. As you proceed through the game, you will see that the next levels will have more difficulty.

As in the first level, you encounter only a single alien and it is not a big shot. Just aim wisely and shoot. But when you go up to higher levels there will be more aliens with more powers. Then it must be a tough time for you. Some of these aliens are flying ones. Some are hidden inside chambers and will attack in the moment of the unconscious.

But the good thing is that Ben get help in the higher levels in the form of a parachute. Thanks to God! Now he can fly and can shoot aliens easily.

Another good thing you will like obviously about this game is there is no fatigue of using keyboard keys to play the game. Only use the mouse, aim and click to shoot. Good Luck from our team J.

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